Financial Security Options at Carleton

Carleton University offers a comprehensive retirement package.  For full information on Carleton’s retirement and pension plan, including types of contributions, receiving your pension, and more,  please visit the Carleton University Retirement Plan section on this website.


Pension Plan
Employees with appointments of 12 months or more are eligible to join the plan.

group rrsp

Group RRSP
vailable to all continuing employees.

savings bonds

Canada Savings Bonds
Carleton employees can increase contribution amounts to their Canada Savings Bonds.

Carleton University Pension Plan

Full and part-time continuing employees and full and part-time term employees with appointments of 12 months or more are eligible to join the plan.  You may be enrolled in the plan on the first day of any month coincident with or following your date of employment. Membership is compulsory by the first day of July after you reach age 30.

Once you join the plan, you must remain a member while employed by the University.

For more information, please visit our Retirement and Pension section of this website.

Carleton University Group RRSP

The Group RSP offers employees the opportunity to designate funds by payroll deposit directly to the RSP.  Pick the funds you want to invest in. It’s a great tax saving opportunity.

If you are a Carleton University employee with continuing full-time or part-time appointments, you can contact Payroll Services to apply.

This group plan offers:

  • Investment Funds with reduced investment management fees
  • Enhanced interest rates on Guaranteed Interest Accounts
  • Broad range of investment choices from professional fund managers
  • Change your asset mix anytime without penalties or cost
  • No administration fees, regardless of the size of your account
  • No minimum contribution to the plan & no minimum required to invest in any fund or to buy a Guaranteed Interest Account
  • Keep up-to date and make changes to your program through the Group Retirement Services (GRS) Access website.  Contact HR for details.

Want to make changes to your RRSP Contributions direct from pay?  Please contact Payroll Services for assistance.

October Canada Savings Bonds Campaign

The Canada Savings Bonds (CSB) Payroll Savings Program allows employees to contribute to a Payroll Savings Plan at their place of employment through automatic payroll deductions.  At Carleton full-time employees can sign up to the Canada Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Program or increase contribution amounts for existing plans during the sales campaign, which runs every year from early October to 1 November.

During the sales campaign, full-time employees at Carleton can create a CSB Online Services (CSBOS) account.   Follow the instructions to log-in or register for the Program.

If you have never contributed to a CSB Payroll Savings Plan with Carleton University, or a past employer, and have not yet registered for online access, you will need:

  1. Your employer’s Organization ID (10773 for Carleton University)
  2. Your Social Insurance Number
  3. Valid Email Address (to receive transaction confirmations).

If you currently contribute to, or have contributed in the past to a CSB Payroll Savings Plan but have not yet registered for online access, you will need:

  1. Your 10-digit Plan Number (10-digit number found on your CSB statement). Alternatively, you can call the Bank of Canada at 1-877- 899-3599 if you cannot find the statement
  1. Your last contribution amount (indicated on your pay stub)
  2. Your Direct Deposit information (includes birthdate and bank account number).

Please visit the Canada Savings Bonds website for more information and How-To Guides.

Note that this service is available for Faculty and Full-Time staff only.

If you have any questions please contact Maya Anderson, Campaign Director.