Congratulations to David Pierre Leibovitz, Sarra Ghazel and Tabish Ismail on their successful thesis defenses last week.

On Thursday January 10th, 2013, David Pierre Leibovitz successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled A Unified Cognitive Model of Visual Filling-In. The Chair for his Defense was Dr. Pauline Rankin.  His External Examiner was Dr. Gary Cottrell from the University of California, San Diego and his Internal/External Examiner was Dr. Craig Leth Steenson.  The members of David’s Committee were Dr. Robert West, Dr. Andre Vellino and Dr. Robert Biddle.

On Friday January 11th, 2013,  Sarra Ghazel successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled Cognitive Architectures in Morphological Processing:  Acquistion and Attrition.  The Chair for her Defense was Dr. Michel Gaulin.  Her External Examiner was Dr. Monika Schmid, University of Groningen, The Netherlands and her Internal External Examiner was Dr. Carmen Leblanc.  The members of Sarra’s committee were Dr. Laura Sabourin, Dr. Lefevre , Dr John Logan and Dr. Kumiko Murasugi.

On Friday January 11, 2013, Tabish Ismail successfully defended his M.Cog.Sc. thesis entitled Truth in Science.  The Chair for his defense was Dr. Deepthi Kamawar.  His Internal/External examiner was Dr. David Matheson.  The members of Tabish’s committee were Dr. Raj Singh, Dr Robert West and Dr. Eros Corazza.  We also wanted to congratulate Tabish as he now officially a Ph.D. Student within the Institute of Cognitive Science!

Congratulations once again to all of you!

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