The following lists the current weekly Fall/Winter Colloquia for ICS . If there is no Colloquia listed for a specific week, the reason is given below.

Note: All Colloquia are located in Dunton Tower, Room 2203 and start at 3pm.

Fall 2017

 Sep 06: New Graduate student and Faculty reception

Sep 13: Radovan Vadovic: Free to Choose: Testing the Pure Motivation Effect of Autonomous Choice

Sep 20: Christopher Viger: Small Worlds Big Ideas

Sep 27: ICS Faculty Meeting

Oct 04: Daniel Siddiqi: From Homophony to Unity

Oct 11: John Logan: Language and Psychopathy

Oct 18: Robert West: IQ as a social construct: The genetic evidence that IQ is not genetic

Oct 25: Fall Break

Nov 01: ICS Faculty Meeting

Nov 08: Joshua Shepherd: Consciousness and Cognitive Control 

Nov 15: Myrto Mylopolous: The Intelligence of Skilled Action and Automaticity

Nov 22: Olessia Jouravlev: Searching for brain-based markers of autism

Nov 29: ICS Faculty Meeting

Dec 06: Michael Masson: Compelling Actions

Winter 2018

Jan 10: Nadiya Slobodenyuk: The nature and origin of cross-modal correspondences between color and material properties perceived through touch

Jan 17: Chris Herdman: Motion and Working Memory:  Bridging Applied and Fundamental Research to Understand How Motion Cues in Flight Simulators Affect Pilot Training.

Jan 24 : No Colloquia scheduled for this date

Jan 31: Faculty Meeting

Feb 07: No Colloquia scheduled for this date

Feb 14: Samuel Veissière: Cultural Neurophenomenology of Experience Framing

Feb 21: Winter Break

Feb 28: Faculty Meeting

Mar 07:No Colloquia scheduled for this date

Mar 14: Charles Collin: Examining Sensitivity to Facial Expressions in People with a History of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Using Facial EMG, Ideal Observer Analysis, and Morphing Stimuli

Mar 21: Eve-Marie Blouin-Hudon: Exploring the Interplay between Daydream Content, Personality, and Well-being

Mar 28: Faculty Meeting

Apr 04: No Colloquia scheduled for this date

Apr 11: Spring Conference featuring Distinguished Lecture by Susanna Siegel

Summer 2018

Jun. 04: Dr. Robert Kail:  When opportunity knocks, open the door