Dr. Wahida Chowdhury graduated with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science last Friday, June 16th .

The attached photo shows Dr. Chowdhury (center) with her PhD supervisors  Dr. Warren Thorngate (left) and Dr. Robert Biddle (right).

Dr. Chowdhury related the following  experiences in the program “When I started the Cognitive Science program, I was not sure how I could pursue my interest in the interdisciplinary program. However, soon I realized that enrolling in the program was one of the best decisions I made in life. I could explore the human mind (cognition) from different perspectives, and could pursue research in different methods.

“Besides satisfying my interests, the program offered awesome professors who encouraged expressions of own ideas, excellent supervisors who met almost weekly to provide guidance, and amazing administrators who supported me for whatever academic issues. Today (June 16, 2017), I graduated PhD in Cognitive Science with skills to apply to diverse positions in the public and private sectors, and with the confidence that I can “wow” others with my knowledge”.

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