The following Contract Instructor Positions are now available for the 2017-18 Terms:

CGSC 3004 B: Philosophy and Cognitive Science [0.5 credit, 2018 Winter]

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Cognitive science from a philosophical perspective. Topics may include: philosophical methods for studying the mind, prospects for naturalizing consciousness and intentionality, assessing competing models of the mind.

FYSM 1607 B: Cognitive Science: Thinking and Knowing [1.0 credit, 2017-18 Fall/Winter]

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Interdisciplinary examination of discoveries in linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and computer science concerning the question “What is cognition”? Specific issues may include the mind-brain controversy, the role of language in thought, and artificial versus natural intelligence.

Information and an application form for each course can be found by clicking on the course numbers above.

Note that the revised deadline for applications with CVs is June 5, 2017.