The institute of Cognitive Science is pleased to announce that Amanda Bon has won the University Medal for Cognitive Science at the Spring 2018 Convocation.

Amanda describes her experience at Carleton University here in her own words:

It is an honour to have been awarded the University medal in Cognitive Science. When I began my journey at Carleton four years ago I had never heard of Cognitive Science. Now, having completed my undergraduate degree in the field, I feel I have a good grasp of its core concepts and approaches to research, as well as an understanding of the field more broadly in terms of its advent, its progression, and the nature of the scientific inquiry that identifies it. With very few exceptions, my professors in the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton were knowledgeable, generous, and inspired. Their excitement about the possibility of advances in Cognitive Science leading eventually to an understanding of the human mind was often contagious, and I honestly felt supported in my learning. They wanted me to succeed, and in turn, I wanted to honour their efforts by working hard towards that goal. Class content was challenging but not unattainable, and the workload was almost always reasonable.

As a whole, pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science allowed me to touch on several areas of study, yet I did not have the feeling of sacrificing depth for breadth. Professors went into considerable depth in courses in their respective fields, but I was happy to find that most were also able to understand and meet the needs of Cognitive Science students in their classes, drawing links with other disciplines when possible. Although independent learning skills and initiative were emphasized across the board, there was always somebody ready to help me achieve my goals and overcome obstacles in that pursuit, whether it be a professor, a TA, or the department head. I crossed paths with many intelligent and inspired minds at Carleton, but I also encountered a great degree of kindness. I believe it is the combination that made for a truly positive experience.

For my part, I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in 2019, and have various entrepreneurial and artistic aspirations beyond that. Whatever lies ahead, I believe my undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science provides a solid jumping off point. I feel confident going forward and would like to thank all those who helped make my experience at Carleton so successful.

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  1. Longeot says:

    Toutes nos félicitations!
    Josyane & Pierre

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