The program requirements are customized for each student entering the program. However, student’s in the Ph.D. Program are required to do 10 credits of coursework.   (In the Carleton system, a credit is a full-year, two-semester course or equivalent, and a half-credit is a one-semester course.)  Students in the M.Cog.Sc. Program are required to do 5 credits of coursework.   This flexibility allows us to accommodate entrants with a wide range of skills and experience.

Applicants, for both programs, should also review the admission requirements in the Graduate Calendar.

For Ph.D. applicants – please note:  In the past, many of our students had a Master’s degree from a cognitive discipline when they were admitted.  Most applicants who do not have a Master’s degree in a related discipline will be considered for the M.Cog.  Students who have Master’s degrees in related disciplines can be considered for entry to the Ph.D. if they prefer, but they may be required to take additional course work.

If you have specific questions about the requirements, contact Dr. John Logan, Graduate Supervisor in Cognitive Science, for further information.