Please note: due to safety concerns with the COVID-19 virus, all remaining Cognitive Science Colloquia are cancelled immediately until further notice.

Winter 2020

Jan 08, 2020: No Colloquium scheduled for this date

Jan 15, 2020:Faculty Meeting

Jan 22, 2020: No Colloquium scheduled for this date

Jan 29, 2020: Kathy van Bentham: A Novel Cognitive Neuroscience Method for Understanding Age Effects in Self-Referential Dynamic Spatial Models

Feb 05, 2020: Kasia Muldner: Investigating ways to support student learning of STEM topics

Feb 12, 2020:Faculty Meeting

Feb 19, 2020: Winter break (Reading Week)

Feb 26, 2020: Brendan Conway-Smith: Clarifying Metacognition through Computational Modeling

Mar 04, 2020: Jay Jennings: When does scaffolding provide too much assistance? A code tracing tutor investigation

Mar 11, 2020:Faculty Meeting

Mar 18, 2020: Cancelled:  Rebecca Merkley: Searching for the number visual number form area

Mar 25, 2020: Cancelled: Vincent Bergeron: The Cognitive Ontologies Debate: Towards a Bottom-Up Approach (TALK STARTS AT 2:30!)

April 01, 2020: Cancelled: Discussing teaching Meeting

April 04, 2020: Cancelled: Spring Conference: Distinguished Lecture by Daniel Casasanto of Cornell University

Fall 2019 Colloquia have been completed.

Wednesdays slotted 2:30-5:30. Talks will be from 3-4:30

 Sep 11, 2019: Faculty Meeting

Sep 18, 2019: Robert West: Computational Theory of Feelings

Sep 25, 2019: Max Kinateder: Virtual Fire – Real Behavior: Perception and action during fire evacuation

Oct 02, 2019: Andre Vellino: Explanation and Artificial Neural Networks

Oct 09, 2019: Faculty Meeting

Oct 16, 2019: Sean Riley:Modelling Mental Imagery

Oct 23, 2019: Fall Break

Oct 30, 2019: Sabrina De Lonardo: ADHD Symptoms, Academic Anxiety, and Mathematics

Nov 06, 2019: Andrew Brook: Tracking Persons

Nov 13, 2019:Faculty Meeting

Nov 20, 2019:Nazim Hussain: Artificial Intelligence Outside of Academia and the Concept of Trust

Nov 27, 2019:  Prof panel

Dec 04, 2019: Kimberly Girling:Misinformation and what to do about it