Donor Funded Awards are internal awards from donors who support Carleton University.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for an Endowment Award
If you are a full time graduate student you may apply for an endowment award.
You may also apply for endowment awards if you are an international student or
if you are a student in the last term of your program.

Why am I being encouraged to apply for Internal Award Funding?
We encourage our students to apply for the Bursaries and/or Scholarships every fall, as these are funds that contributors want to give to Graduate Students across the University and it could be an opportunity to increase your funding.

Is it very competitive?
The award selection process for internal awards are competitive. Every application for an endowment award is in competition with other students across the University.

Is it a complicated process to apply?
Once you have reviewed the awards to ensure that you meet the criteria, the process is straightforward.

Where are the awards posted?
The award posting are located on the FGPA website.

What do I need to submit for Financial Awards (Bursaries)?
1) All awards require a bio from the student.
2) Ensure that you meet the criteria specific to the award, know what information is required and ensure that any additional information is included in your application.
3) All Financial Awards nominations have to include the 2016-2017 Student Application which includes a budget sheet.  The budget sheet must be completed.

What do I need for Academic Based Awards (Scholarships)?
1) All awards require a bio from the student.
2) All Academic-Based awards have to include the 2016-2017 Student Application.
3) All awards require a letter of support from your thesis supervisor, if you have co-supervisors only a letter from one of them is required.
4) If you feel you meet the criteria,  ensure that you know what information is required and that any additional information is included in your application.

What about Transcripts?
Your academic histories will be printed off in the Institute and attached to your applications before proceeding to the Institute’s selections committee.

What is ….
The Awards Database – the list of awards available for nomination.  Each award lists who is eligible, where the awards originated from and the value, criteria and due date and what is expected to be submitted for the award.

2016-2017 Student Form Application
This is a form which lists your information The same form is also used when applying for Financial Need awards.  For scholarship-based awards the budget section is not required.

A Bio 
A Bio is a short description of the program you are in and your research.  You can also mention your personal interests briefly.  It should only be about 1-3 paragraphs in length (maximum of 1 page, double-spaced).  If you are the recipient of the Endowment Award, the Bio is forwarded to the donor of the award.

A report
Some Awards are based on criteria such as demonstrating leadership, or other qualities.  In the criteria or the summary of the award, it will describe what kind of report the student has to submit.  Make sure you address how you have met the criteria in your report.

Do I need a letter of support from my supervisor for all award nominations?  It doesn’t say that in on the awards page (in FGPA).
Yes, for each award, based on academic excellence, letters are required.  Letters could sometimes be required for financial based awards.  Check the criteria section.

Do I have to drop off a complete application for each individual award?
Yes, every award that you are interested in applying to, requires a separate nomination package.

Is my application going to be vetted to ensure that I have included all the pertinent information?
Yes, that is why we requested the earlier deadline.  When you submit your applications to 2202A DT, they will be reviewed to ensure your applications are complete and that your information address the specific award and that you meet the criteria.    The applications will then go to the Director/Graduate Supervisor for nomination and approval.

When is the deadline to submit my documentation to the Institute?
See above.

What do I drop off to the Institute?
See above.

How do I know if I have been nominated for an award?
You will be informed via email.

How do I know if I have won an award?
During the late Winter Term/early Spring Term we will receive a list of endowment award winners from  FGPA.  Students are then notified by the Graduate Administrator if they were successful or not.

Can I apply for Department Specific Awards now?
No, Departmental Specific Awards have a different due date and will not be accepted during this awards process.

Still have questions?
If you have further questions please contact the Graduate Administrator in Room 2202A.


The information below only pertains to the awards due on February 1st, 2017.
Do not submit forms for these awards, they will not be included or acknowledged.

Winter – Department Specific Award Info

I would like to apply for a Cognitive Science Specific Award?
These awards are granted only in the winter term.  Students, do not apply for these awards during the Fall Endowment Period. Nominees for these awards are submitted by the Supervisors within the Institute of Cognitive Science to the Graduate Supervisor, Dr. John Logan.

What do I have to do to apply for an Endowment Award?
For the Winter Endowment awards which are Cognitive Science Specific Awards, you don’t have to do anything unless you are requested to submit information.

Should you be selected for an award, and asked to provide any information, then you will follow the steps below.  Submission will have to be done by January 29, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.