Fall 2016

CRN: 30823                              CGSC 5004       Wednesday
Cognition and Conceptual Issues                     Seminar
Dr. Andrew Brook                        14:35-17:25      2203 DT

CRN 30824                               CGSC 5100         Mondays
Issues in Cognitive Science                                Seminar
Dr. Ida Toivonen                       11:35 – 14:25        1006 DT

CRN: 30825                              CGSC 5103          Tuesdays
Formal Methods                                                    Seminar
Dr. Raj Singh                            08:35-11.25           2203DT

Winter 2017

CRN 10795                             CGSC 5002           Tuesdays
Experimental Research in Cognition                Seminar
Dr. Robert West                       11:35 – 14:25         2203DT

CRN 10796                            CGSC 5005             Wednesdays
Cognition and Neuroscience                               Seminar
Dr. Kathleen Van Benthem     14:35-17:25            411SA

CRN 10797                             CGSC 5101               Mondays
Experimental Methods & Stats                            Seminar
Dr. John Logan                        11:35–14:25            2203 DT

CRN 15286                          CGSC 5901            Thursdays
Cognitive Modelling for Cognitive Science       Lectures
Dr. Robert West                        08:35-11:25          311SA

Unscheduled Courses

CRN 30826 (Fall)  CRN 10798 (Winter)   *CGSC 5907   Independent Research Study
*This independent study course requires an application form (link is above) that has to be signed by your Independent Research Supervisor, your Thesis Supervisor, the Student and the Graduate Supervisor, prior to registering into the project.  This course is a .5 credit course only and must be completed in one term.  The paper is due on the last day of the Exam Period in the term that it is taken. This course will require a registration override.

CRN 30827 (Fall)  CRN 10799 (Winter)  *CGSC 5908Research Project
Prior to the your first registration into the Research Project, you will have to consult with and submit the (signed) Research Project Contract and the (signed) Supervisory Committee Form to the Graduate Administrator.    The Graduate Administrator will submit the forms to the Graduate Supervisor.  This course requires the student to register every term until the Research Project has been completed. This course will require a registration override.

CRN 30828 (Fall) CRN 10800 (Winter)  *CGSC 5909 – Thesis
Prior to registering in your thesis, you should consult with the Graduate Administrator as this will require registration in every term until your program has been completed. This course will require a registration override.

Additional Registration Tips

Please note:   All course selections should be discussed with your Thesis supervisor and the Graduate Supervisor prior to registering.

  • All first year students should be registering in CGSC 5100 (Fall) and either CGSC 5101 (Winter) or CGSC 5103 (Fall).
  • Whichever course CGSC 5103 (F) or CGSC 5101 (W) is not used for the Methodology Requirement, students can take the remaining course and use it towards fulfilling the Cognitive Science or other approved courses section.
  • If other departments are offering course selections that fit your program course requirements, you should contact your Thesis Supervisor and the Graduate Supervisor to discuss, prior to registering.
  • Courses at Ottawa U require students to fill out the Graduate Student Exchange Form (hard copy).  It can be obtained by contacting and arranging with the Graduate Administrator to pick it up.  All courses taken at Ottawa U have to be part of your core requirements and will be listed on your audit and included in your GPA.  You cannot take Ottawa U courses for interest while in a graduate degree program at Carleton.