Date: Oct. 11, 2017  3pm-4:30pm

Location: Dunton Tower: Room 2203

Speaker: John Logan

Title: Language and Psychopathy


Psychopathy is a personality disorder associated with social and affective deficits. Over the past several years my students and I have explored a deficit in another area associated with psychopathy, language. In our work, we assume that psychopathy is a dimensional construct that exists on a continuum, meaning that that individuals vary in the number and degree of psychopathic features they have. In my talk, I will review the work we have done investigating language perception and production in individuals who vary in psychopathic characteristics. To foreshadow my general conclusion, we have found that individuals with higher levels of psychopathic characteristics show distinct differences in how they perceive and produce language compared to individuals with lower levels of psychopathic characteristics.