Photo of Josh Redstone

Josh Redstone

Degrees:B.A. (Honours), Nipissing University; M.A., Carleton University.

I graduated from Nipissing University in 2011, where I majored in philosophy and minored in political science. I continued my studies in philosophy here at Carleton University, where I obtained my M.A. in 2013. I joined the Ph.D. program in cognitive science at Carleton in the fall of 2013. Throughout my graduate studies my research has focused primarily on conceptual issues that emerge at the intersection of social robotics, cognitive science and philosophy of mind. For instance, my M.A. thesis is an attempt to account for the “uncanny valley” phenomenon – the feeling of eeriness sometimes elicited by human-like robots – from a multi-disciplinary perspective by incorporating approaches from philosophy, psychology and android science. For my doctoral dissertation, I plan to continue investigating people’s emotional responses toward robots. I’m particularly interested in the role that empathy plays in human-robot interaction.