ICS Associate Research Units

Carleton Cognitive Modeling Lab
Location: VSIM building, 5th floor.
URL: http://ccmhome.blogspot.com/
The CCM Lab concentrates Carleton University’s expertise on cognitive modeling, involving a wide variety of experimental work.
Math Cognition Lab
Location: VSIM building
URL: http://www.carleton.ca/cmi/
The MCL focuses on how people process arithmetic and other numerical knowledge.
Child Language and Literacy Research Lab
Location: 210/214 Social Sciences Research Building (SSRB)URL: https://labosenechal.wordpress.com/ Research at the Child Language and Literacy Research Lab tries to understanding how children learn language and literacy from events that occur naturally in their lives, as well as the basic mechanisms that underlie the acquisition of reading and writing.
Children’s Representational Development Lab
Location: 6110 HCI building URL: www.crdl.ca
The focus of the CRD Lab is children’s cognitive development and their ability to deal with representations.
Speech Processing Lab
Location: VSIM building
Research in the Speech lab has focused on several basic and applied projects in the area of spoken word recognition.
Language and Brain Laboratory
Location: 168 Paterson Hall
URL: http://www.carleton.ca/lbl/
The Language and Brain lab investigates the mechanisms of human language processing and its neurocognitive basis.
Science of Imagination Laboratory
Director: Dr. Jim Davies
Location: VSIM building, 5th floor
URL: http://scienceofimagination.pbworks.com
Focuses on understanding human visual imagination, including visuospatial memory, reasoning, and the generation of visual scenes and simulations.
Centre for Applied Cognitive Research
Location: VSIM building
URL: http://www.carleton.ca/cacr/
The mission of the CACR is to advance the study of language, cognition, and human performance in real-world contexts.
Aviation and cognitive Engineering Lab
Location:VSIM buildingURL: www.carleton.ca/ace
The mission of the ACE laboratory is to discover and apply fundamental principles of human perception and cognition to research and design issues in the aviation industry.
Databases and Intelligent Information Systems Research Group
Location: 5166 Herzberg building
Research at DIIS concentrates mostly on data management and applications of knowledge representation and reasoning techniques to enhance the capabilities of database and information systems.
Network Management and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Location: 4447 MacKenzie building
URL: http://www.sce.carleton.ca/netmanage/indexHome.htm
Intelligent agents, and related topics, such as multi-agent systems, swarm intelligence, agent communication languages, are among the many subjects studied at the NM/AI Lab.