This is a service for the distribution, tracking, and citation of unpublished or draft material related to cognitive science. The documents here are checked for formatting and appropriateness of content, but are not otherwise reviewed in any way. By submitting a document, the authors grant permission to distribute it on this site, but the copyright remains with them. Although this service is intended primarily for the cognitive science community centered around Carleton, we will consider submissions from elsewhere.

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Submissions should be made by email in either Word (preferred) or PDF formats to Jim Davies ( Be sure to include author name and contact information on the first page of the document.

Some reasons for submitting a tech report:

  • You are presenting a paper at a conference that does not publish its proceedings, but you want to distribute the full paper anyway.
  • You have a paper under review somewhere that you would like to distribute in draft form.
  • You have a paper you are thinking of submitting to a conference or journal but want to distribute for feedback first.
  • Somone wants to cite your paper (or you want to cite your own paper) but it hasn’t yet been published, or may never be published.
  • You have a paper with some original ideas that you would like to distribute, but for whatever reason, you don’t want to (or feel you can’t) publish it in a journal or conference proceedings.

Technical reports should be cited as shown in the example below:

Brook, Andrew. 2001. Atomism, Anti-representationalism and a Sketch of an Alternative. Carleton University Cognitive Science Technical Report 2001-02. URL