Design Talk

On January 15 there will be two UX/UI design talks on how to design an interactive product system in the Gallery (room 450, 4th floor, Azrieli Pavillion).

UX driven Product Design
1:00 pm, Wednesday, January 15th

by Prof. Eui Chul Jung (Seoul National University)

Diverse patterns of inter-active products in terms of the relationship between object and human users.

UX design of IoT products
2:00 pm, Wednesday, January 15th

 by Prof. Jung Min Choi (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)

Important aspects of designing IoT products for better UX (User eXperience).

Design Exhibition

Starting 12:30 pm, January 15th to 3:00 pm, January 17th there will be a design exhibition in the Gallery (room 450, 4th floor, Azrieli Pavillion). This exhibition presents the examples of the interactive design projects of Design Seminar 11 class in 2019 Fall taught by Prof. Eui Chul Jung in Seoul National University. Nine selected students’ design works will present how interaction design integrates objects and people in their everyday life situations.


  1. kam (blinK cAM) Taeil Lee
  2. Gate Butler Sehun Oh
  3. Moving Cradle Youngjun Byun
  4. LET’S STOP AIDS Huile Gao
  5. Soulmate Meile Le
  6. Murmuring Dandelion Minji Lee
  7. BLEnk Min Kyung Kim
  8. Puddle Jeongcheol Heo
  9. Ripple Junhoo Yang


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