Tatum Dietrich (BID) and Clarissa Garcia (SPROTT) were featured in the best 100 global student designs in the Global Grad Show in Dubai Design Week 2020 for their Moshi Inje Stove project.

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Global Grad Show is a year-round programme for university graduates and professors who are working on solutions for a better world. The programme, now in its sixth year and held in partnership with A.R.M. Holding and Dubai Culture, was organised around key global trends identified among the 1,600 applications received this year, and 100 projects were selected to illustrate their nature, complexity and global relevance. The show was a forward-looking gathering of solutions for each identified trend, created by the world’s most talented science, technology and design students and was brought to life in an inaugural interactive digital exhibition, giving a voice to the next generation of innovators.

The Moshi Inje stove designed by Tatum Dietrich was also awarded 1st place in awards of excellence at Rocket 2020  and the Enactus Scotiabank Climate Change Challenge’ Best Project Idea Award.

The Moshi Inje Stove system creates safe cooking environments with an improved stove system that directs smoke out of the home under the wall rather than through the roof. The stove has been designed in collaboration with Maasai women for the context of their homes and is the first improved stove to run exhaust underground. The stove can be installed without altering the home, requires minimal firewood, minimizes carbon emissions from cooking, and safely contains the fire and its heat.


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