Ranked among the best in North America, our facilities include modeling and testing laboratories (wood, plastic, metal), two rapid prototyping machines, a mass-production / mould simulation laboratory and a paint booth.

Wood Lab


The Industrial Wood Lab has every wood working tool that students would need to fabricate their design projects. The lab is set up with various hand tools, sanders, band saws, cut-off saws, wood lathes and table saws. Our goal is to provide a safe, professional and dynamic environment where students can learn the technical skills to physically build their projects.

Machine Lab


The Machine Lab is fully equipped with a wide range of hand tools and machines for forming and fabricating metal and plastics for studio projects. After an introduction lab session, the lab technicians are available to assist students with their models and prototypes, whether they are vacuum formed plastic parts or  machining metal on the lathe or mill.

Laser Cutter


The laser cutter can cut out acrylic parts without the need to polish edges. Adjacent is are the large and small vacuum form machines.

Rapid Prototyping Lab


The RP Lab is set up with various machines, the Dimension BST 1200 3D printer creates solid models out of ABS plastic . The maximum size of the build envelope is 10”X10”X12” high. Parts can be sanded and painted. The Roland CNC Milling machine can machine a number of soft materials such as Delrin, Precision Board, Urethane Foam and wood. The maximum size that can be machined is 15”X15”X 2” high.  The RP lab is also set up with a 3D scanner that will allow for smaller parts to be scanned for other processes.

Metal Lab


The Metal Lab is set up with all the required tools and machines that will allow students to form and weld metal for their projects. The various breaks, shears, rolling and bending tools will meet many requirements. Oxy-Acytelene, MIG, TIG and spot welding stations are available to weld different materials.

Modeling Lab


The Modeling Lab is a large room that allows student to execute the assembly of their models and prototypes on large work surfaces. The Model Lab is equipped with a large oven for heat forming plastics and a hot wire station for cutting light density foams and a sand blasting booth.  The location of the Modeling Lab is adjacent the Metal and Machine Labs. The Model Lab is open from 8:00am to 10:00pm.

Spray Booth


A full spray booth allows students to paint their models.