Lydia has a Bachelor in Architecture from the American University in Dubai. With a background in architecture, her main research interest is in hybrid design (combining both architecture and industrial design). Additionally, she is interested in efficient space design using sustainability (materials and lighting) and designing with the other 90%.



Justin received his Bachelor of Industrial Design with a minor in Psychology from Carleton University. Captivated by how technology is constantly changing and how we think about design and what design can do in other disciplines, his main area of interest is looking at how design can improve the user experience with interactive technologies.



Leilla is an interior designer with experience in residential, commercial and hospitality design. After completing a Bachelor of Design, pursuing further studies took her to Denmark, which started her on the educational journey that brought her to Carleton University. Her research interests involve our emotional responses to daylight within man-made spaces; and exploring how these emotional responses can influence accessibility and universal design.



Anis holds a Degree in Bachelor of Architectural Engineering. She passionately believes that architects and designers should work together to design environments that are truly functional, useful and sustainable for all people, including those who are disabled. She has worked for Sama Tarh Architecture and SAVAND Engineering Services companies. The former company is engaged in architectural planning and design, and the latter concentrates on the design of geotechnical structures. She is interested in designing smart architecture and smart furniture.



Sanaz graduated from Carleton University in 2016 with a Bachelors in Industrial Design, and a minor in Psychology. She aspires to work in medical design where her expertise can be applied to improve quality of life. Some of her other areas of interest include the ethics of design, impacts of IoT and universal design.



Ellen has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario. She majored in physics and visual arts which lead her to the M.Des. program. She is interested in interactive learning and combining her science and arts backgrounds through design.



Renee is originally from Ottawa and is a graduate of Canterbury High School’s Visual Arts Program. From there she attended Ryerson University’s School of Fashion. Upon graduation in 2011 she began her professional career as a textile and product designer and has worked for both commercial and niche market companies in Toronto. Back in Ottawa, Renee is excited to be a graduate student in the School of Industrial Design at Carleton and looks forward to working with people from different educational backgrounds and exploring her area of study in Canadian product design.



Nicholas has a Bachelor degree in Fine Art from Brock University and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba. He has worked for an architectural firm for two and a half years.



Building on a foundation of visual communication, Jed focused his professional development on user-centred design. He has over 14 years experience creating everything from marketing websites, to web applications, to native mobile apps. A couple of years ago he left industry to teach interaction design with Algonquin College. When not in the classroom, Jed works with his students to develop projects for the college’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation. One of them went on to take the top award at the Polytechnics Canada Student Applied Research Showcase. Jed holds a B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design with the University of Hertfordshire and a Graphic Design Diploma with Algonquin College. In 2015, Jed presented his first published paper at the Eeum Design Connects conference in South Korea (see details).



Samantha Lovelace is a digital producer and user experience designer, fascinated by how effective design can be used to make people’s lives better, one interaction at a time. Her professional and educational background have set the stage for a unique frame of exploration for her research interests which include the topics of user experience design as a design discipline and how design can be used to address challenges in mental health management. With 10 years experience in the service industry, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Bishop’s University and eight years experience working in the digital communications and design industry, Samantha comes at each problem she’s with a unique perspective, motivated by an objective to always change things for the better.



Having studied Fine Arts at the University of Victoria and the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, Alisdaire has a background in interactive and socially engaged sculpture and installation. He has also studied Public Administration at Seton Hall University, out of an interest in effecting change through non-profits and NGOs. In 2012, he completed a thesis on Joane Cardinal-Schubert, a Kainai artist from southern Alberta, for the graduate program in Art History at Carleton University. In his artistic practice, Alisdaire uses plans as a starting point for interpretation, examining issues of scale and perspective, as well as community and exchange, experienced through a hands-on, do-it-yourself approach that enables social and economical interactions. His interest in design stems from an interdisciplinary approach, particularly on the relationship between culture and design.



Mohamed received his degree in interior design at the Art and Design Academy in Egypt. He has had over 10 years experience in architecture and interior design. His main research interest lies in furniture design particularly pharaonic antiquities and process development.



Darren received his Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from Carleton University and graduated with distinction. He previously completed an internship at an experiential design studio in Toronto that specialized in food, technology and design. He has also worked on a number of graphic design and site layout projects for a local entertainment company in Ottawa. Darren is interested in researching user experience centered design and computer human interaction, by integrating new technologies and interfaces into products and systems to improve the user experience. He is currently working on an interdisciplinary design research project with Bombardier and an aerospace engineering student, to design and develop strategies for seamless and integrated cabin controls in their luxury business jets.



Wuyi received his bachelor in major of industrial design in Shanghai. He spent almost two years in a company as a product designer. Now as a student, his interest pertains to the design sustainability, especially in eco-products design related to the architects.



Isinsu is a Master of Design student interested in gamified learning in 3D virtual worlds. Prior to Carleton, she studied human biology and ethics at the University of Toronto and worked with 3D Virtual Crafting as a design coordinator. I look forward to collaborating with anyone with similar research interests.



Claudie received her degree in Interior Design Advanced at Algonquin College after a short career in dentistry. She has taken on a variety of roles in the public and private sectors including commercial and residential design firms to gain knowledge and experience in the professional platform. Her passion for the interior creation industry led her to a teaching position in the Interior Design department at La Cite Collegiale for the past six years as a contract educator. Her research interest pertains to intentional design through small spaces. In examining the smaller living movement and analyzing its components in order to understand and promote a purposeful living model.



Paul is an anthropologist who has worked in a variety of roles, from consulting in archaeology, to program evaluation to fieldwork in Aboriginal communities. He has taught courses in anthropology, design and architecture, and it is through his work with design that he became fascinated with the interplay between things, thinking and people. Having grappled with policy design for a number of years, he has become increasingly convinced that hands-on education and making learning more tangible will enhance our ability to deal with complexity. It is Paul’s hope that his MDes work will help me articulate this process better.



Phonesavanh is a designer and maker consultant. She has been part of projects in the design of consumer’s experiences, processes, spaces and interfaces for clients such as CBC/Radio-Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard, Public Works and Government Service Canada, City of Gatineau, City of Quebec, Ministere de la Culture et des Communications du Quebec (Communautique). She is currently engaged in the practice of service design methods and their use in collaborative creations with users across disciplines. Her interests are in the maker culture and Fab Lab network as research subjects and how their development can contribute to a more sustainable, more inclusive and agile society. With cities and communities facing significant environmental, social and cultural challenges today, she believes that design innovation and putting creative tools to use may help shape new pathways for a better future. When not consulting, she appreciates meditation retreats and fly fishing in the forest.



Ryo has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design. He hopes to delve into the world of education — specifically to research the role of design and creativity in learning. His interests outside of academics include doing and collecting illustrations, swimming and talking to undergrads about design and life in general.



Chen graduated from Jiangsu Normal University in China in the area of Industrial Design. She is interested in ethnographic design and has a passion for drawing and painting. She wishes to pursue a more global approach to design