Q. Can I take an elective at another university and use it for credit?

A. MDes students may take courses at other universities in Canada, and apply them to their degree.   Courses must be approved by the MDes Graduate Co-ordinator prior to registering in the course.

For the University of Ottawa, students apply under the Graduate Student Exchange Agreement between the two universities.  The application is in hard copy, and available in the SID main office.For other Ontario universities, students apply under the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student program.  The application is available on the SID web site.For a university outside Ontario, students pay tuition directly to the university.

Q. How many courses do I need to take per term?

A. You must take at least one course per registered term. Full-time students typically take two to three courses per term. Part-time students cannot take more than two courses per term. Students in a thesis option only need to register for the thesis once they have completed all the course requirements.

Q.I have extra courses from my previous degree. Can I transfer them to my program?

A The rules and regulations regarding transfer of such credits can be found in Section 6.1 of the graduate calendar. Currently, only credits from a Canadian university can be transferred.

Note that any request for transfer of credits must be made before you complete the first term of your program of study.Credits completed as a special student cannot be used towards a graduate program at Carleton. In addition, credits with a grade below B- (Carleton scale) cannot be considered for transfer.

Q.Can I study part-time?

A. Part-time studies are considered on an individual basis. Part-time students are not eligible for scholarships or teaching assistantships.

Q. How much is tuition?

A. Information on tuition fees can be found here.

Q. How do I apply?

A. You may begin the application process here.

Q. Is there an English language requirement?

A. If your first language is not English or you did not complete your undergraduate studies at an English-speaking university, you must meet the English language requirement. The language requirement must be satisfied before your application will be processed.

Q.What type of funding is available?

A.There are two types of funding: teaching assistantships (TAs), and scholarships. TAs and scholarships are offered to students with excellent academic background. TAs are about $9,500 per year. Scholarships have various amounts and durations. The number of TAs and scholarships are awarded depend on the number of applicants and availability of funds.

Q.Is there funding for international students?

A. Funding is not available for international students.
Please visit the International Student Services Office’s website for information regarding working in Canada while attending Carleton University.The website is http://www2.carleton.ca/isso/news