Suggested reading list for entering graduate students.

In the Bubble: Designing in a complex world
By J. Thackara
Published 2006
Cambridge: MIT Press
The Age of Access
By J. Rifkin
Published 2001
New York: Tarcher
Design for the Real World
By V. Papanek
Published 1970
New York: Pantheon Books
The Design of Future Things
By D. A. Norman
Published 2007
New York: Basic Books
The Design Way
By H. Nelson and E. Stolterman
Published 2005
Educational Technology Publications, Inc.
What Designers Know
By B. Lawson
Published 2004
Architectural Press
The Ten Faces of Innovation
By T. Kelley
Published 2005
New York: Random House
Toothpicks and Logos: Design in Everyday Life
By J. Heskett
Published 2002
Oxford: Oxford University Press
Design Research
By P. Downton
Published 2003
Melbourne: RMIT University Press
Discovering Design: Explorations in Design Studies
By R. Buchannan and V. Margolin
Published 1995
Chicago: University of Chicago Press
Design Studies: Theory and Research in Graphic Design
By A. Bennett
Published 2006
New York: Princeton Architectural Press
Glimmer: how design can transform your life, and maybe even the world
By W. Berger
Published 2009
Toronto: Random House Canada


Rapid Viz: A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas
By Kurt Hanks and Larry Belliston
A book providing hands-on instruction on quick sketching skills and techniques that allow you to picture your ideas mentally and then quickly convert those thoughts into visual reality on a piece of paper. This method is designed to help people master visual thinking and communicating.
ISBN 978-1-59863-268-2
Drawing for Designers
By Alan Pipes
A comprehensive guide to 2-D and 3-D drawing for product and industrial designers. This book covers: basic drawing skills, tools and materials, computer systems, concept design, presentation drawings and visuals, from general arrangement drawing to production, exploded/assembly diagrams technical illustration, and the future of design drawing.
ISBN 978-1-85669-533-6
Design Studio Press
A publishing company devoted to design/sketching-related books and media. Plenty of books on conceptual drawing.
Old School Viscom
By Jason White
A book covering old-school approaches to sketching and rendering (mostly automotive), highlighting skills and techniques usable in traditional and digital/new media sketching.
Design Sketching
By Erik Olofsson and Klara Sjolen
A book highlighting the sketching and techniques of 24 students at the Umea Institute of Design.
ISBN 91-631-7394-8
Drawing Human Anatomy
By Giovanni Civardi
A detailed book about drawing the human anatomy, and understanding the bone and muscle structure behind the drawings.
ISBN 0-289-80089-7
By Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur
An excellent book on sketching and rendering techniques, which is now a required resource for First Year Studio.
ISBN 978-90-6369-171-4
ID Sketching
An excellent resource for sketching, including tutorials, weekly design challenges, links, and lots of inspiration!
Advanced Marker Techniques
By Dick Powell and Patricia Monahan
An older book showing traditional marker rendering techniques.
ISBN 0-316-90938-6