Portfolio presentation should be professional and facilitate the review process of the content, and should be submitted in prescribed format.


Depending on content, which may vary considerably with applicant background, some flexibility in format will be accepted. For example, in addition to a portfolio of design work, applicants may wish to submit a range of additional report documents. However, the following guidelines are important to consider.

Keep in mind that the choice of submissions and design of your portfolio as a whole (quality of scans/copies/photographs and clarity of communication) will be evaluated by the admissions committee.

Technical specifications

You may choose to submit portions of your portfolio either as hard copies or as digital files.

Hard copies

Hard copies should generally not be smaller than 8.5″x11″ (A4) or larger than 24″x36″ (A1). The school takes great care of portfolios, but is not liable for any loss or damage. To protect against loss, wherever possible, original work should not be sent.

If you wish to have hard copies returned, state this clearly and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope or indicate that you will pick it up from the school.

Digital files

Digital files should be submitted on a labeled CD and named as follows:

  • Images:
    Lastname-Firstname_01.jpg; Lastname-Firstname_02.jpg, etc.
  • Reports/papers/documents:
  • Descriptive notes:

If you are submitting your portfolio as digital files, you may also include your curriculum vitae and statement of intent on the CD, named as follows:

  • Curriculum Vitae:
  • Statement of intent:

Images should be formatted as JPEG, highest quality, no larger than 1920×1024 pixels. Text files should be in Word or PDF format.

Animations, videos or other files will not be accepted. Digital portfolios will not be returned. Applicants should keep a safe copy of their files.


Submit your portfolio to the School of Industrial Design at the following address:

Graduate Admissions
School of Industrial Design
Room 3470 Mackenzie Building
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1S 5B6

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Applications are managed by the Graduate Admissions Department, and portfolios are submitted separately to the School of Industrial Design.