Your application should include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of interest
  • Portfolio

Curriculum vitae

An overview of your academic accreditation, work experience, interests, and other activities that may be relevant to the Master of Design program.

Statement of interest

The quality of the statement of intent is critical to the likelihood of your admission. The writing should be succinct and as carefully considered as the content of the statement, which should address at least the four following areas in a single page:

  • What is the area of intended research with specific reference to the program courses and the expertise of the faculty members
  • How your academic background and professional experience relates to the program with reference to any previous research, scholarship, or project experience with interdisciplinary or collaborative teams.
  • How the intended research program will align with the objectives of the program relating to Design Research; Strategic Design Planning; Knowledge Creation and Dissemination; and Interdisciplinary Design Development.
  • An explanation of the specific reasons for choosing the School of Industrial Design at Carleton University.


The portfolio should provide the best examples of creative intellectual activity and recent professional work that indicates the applicant is sufficiently prepared to pursue studies in the program. These activities may be represented by proposals, reports, and/or analysis documents. Emphasis should be placed on evidence of understanding the communication of design ideas in visual form.

Technical Specifications

Portfolio should not exceed 20 samples. Each sample should be prepared as either JPG or PDF, in either horizontal and/or vertical orientation. Samples should not exceed 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Name each sample as Lastname-Firstname-01.jpg (or pdf), Lastname-Firstname-02.jpg etc.


Submit CV, statement of interest and portfolio online using Slideroom. (upload will be available January 16, 2020).

Start your application

Applications are managed by the Graduate Admissions Department, and portfolios are submitted online to Slideroom.