1st Year

Fall Semester
1.0 credits:

IDES 5101 [0.5] Interdisciplinary Design Development Seminar
IDES 5102 [0.5] Research Methods

Winter Semester
1.5 credits:

IDES 5103 [0.5] Interdisciplinary Design Development Studio
[0.5] Elective Courses
[0.5] Elective Courses

Total 2.5 credits

2nd Year

Fall Semester
0.5 credits:

[0.5] Elective Courses

Winter Semester
2.0 credits:

IDES 5104 [2.0] Thesis Research

Total 2.5 credits
Total Credits Required for Graduation: 5.0


 All electives should be chosen in consultation with the Graduate Program Coordinator and exceptions can be made only subject to approval.
Course Number Course Name Prerequisites (Y/N) Semester
ANTH 4005 Health & Globalization Third-year standing or permission of the instructor F17
ANTH 4215 Selected Topics – ANTH Third-year standing or permission of the instructor. F17
ANTH 5403 Interpreting Symbols N W18
ANTH 5708 Special Topics in Anthropology N W18
ANTH 5812 Research Design N F17/W18
ARCH 5000 Directed Studies Permission of the School. F17/W18
ARCH 5003 Design and Culture Workshop N F17
ARCH 5010 History and Theory of Modern Architecture N F17
ARCH 5100 Directed Studies Permission of the School. F17/W18
ARCH 5200 Graduate Seminar 1: Introduction to Critical Thought in Architecture N W18
ARCH 5201 Graduate Seminar 2: Contemporary Theoretical Perspectives in Architecture ARCH 5200 F17
ARCH 5301 Seminar: Vitruvian Exercises I N F17
ARTH 5112 Issues in History & Culture Precludes additional credit for ARTH 5102. F17
 ARTH 5210 Topics In Aboriginal Art: Mediations & Representation Precludes additional credit for ARTH 5200, ARTH 5204, and ARTH 5303. F17
 ARTH 5218 Museum Studies and Curatorial Practice Precludes additional credit for ARTH 5207 and ARTH 5208. F17
BIOM 5100 Biomedical Instrumentation Permission of the instructor. W18
BIOM 5311 Design of Medical Devices and Implants Permission of the instructor. F17
CDNS 5101 Indigenous Peoples, Canada and the North N W18
CDNS 5102 Indigenous Politics and Resurgence in Canada CDNS 5101 or permission of the School of Canadian Studies. F17
CDNS 5301 Canadian Cultural Studies N W18
CDNS 5700 Arctic Passages: The Changing Dynamics of Canada’s North N W18
HCIN 5200 Software and User Interface Development N F17
HCIN 5300 Emerging Interaction Techniques N W18
HCIN 5400 Experimental Methods and Statistics N W18
IDES 5000 Directed Studies In ID F17/W18/S18
IDES 5500 Special Topics in ID
PSYC 5001 Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology N F17
SOCI 5406 Citizenship & Globalization N F17
TIMG 5002 Technology Entrepreneurship N F17
TIMG 5003 Issues in Technology Innovation Management N F17
TIMG 5004 Research Methods in Technology Innovation Management TIMG 5001 and one of TIMG 5002 or TIMG 5003. F17
TIMG 5005 W17
TIMG 5105 Designing Innovation Communities N F17