Photo of Cagla Dogan

Cagla Dogan

Adjunct Professor
    Department:School of Industrial Design



    Product design, design research and design education for sustainability, particularly integrated scales of design and production i.e. relationships among batch production, mass production, craft, do-it-yourself and open design; localization and personalization for product value, longevity and meaning; sustainable design considerations for resource effectiveness and post-use; generative research for sustainability; and exploratory research, grounded theory and research through design.



    Generative design research methods and idea generation tools for design education including Experience Reflection Modeling (ERM), Generative Focus Group (GFG) and Biomimicry Sketch Analysis (BSA); sustainable design considerations for household appliances and product design for sustainability.



    • Session Co-Chair, Academic and Vocational Curriculum Development, LearnX Design – The Third International Conference for Design Education Researchers, The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois (2015)
    • Projects Coordinator, SustainDRL Design Research Lab (2015-16)