Photo of Nima Sharifi

Nima Sharifi

Graduate Student


    Nima Sharifi is passionate about the world of design. While developing his professional skills, he has hinged his character and lifestyle around his perspective as a designer. He believes that the design approach can be used in various aspects to support individuals and communities.

    He received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the Art University of Isfahan. He has attended several design exhibitions and design competitions; and he is an avid designer and a diligent team player. Nima is currently in the second year of his Master of Design program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, where he strives to build a professional career as a designer.

    As an expat, he values the way culture and local customs can affect various aspects of an individual’s life and social intercommunications. While his focus is on innovative design experience, he also works on social innovation, product-service systems, and community-based design projects. He acknowledges there is no single approach that works for everyone, so he continues to educate himself on design and interdisciplinary trends to provide the most comprehensive outcome for each demand. He also has experience work in the value innovation center of Zartosht company and as a freelance designer.