Photo of Ruzbeh Irani

Ruzbeh Irani

Graduate Student


    Ruzbeh Irani graduated from the Bachelor of Industrial Design program at Carleton in 2019. After joining the Master of Design program Ruzbeh worked along-side his colleagues as a researcher with Employment and Social Development Canada on accessible payment terminals; specifically focusing on the integration and usability of biometrics in point-of-sale terminals. This led him to pursue virtual reality simulations as a means to eliminate consequences we face in the real world. His thesis interest involves the intersectionality between tacit knowledge transfer, virtual reality and haptic feedback.

    Ruzbeh is also passionate about how user experience design may be a catalyst for business development and marketing techniques which led him to publish a paper The Role of Design in Consumer Behaviour: How Design Can Influence Consumer Decision Making at a Point of Purchase on Springer Link. He also pursues writing articles relating to network effects, user experience and business on Medium.