Students in the School of Industrial Design are privileged to be offered studio space, with additional facilities, for their personal access. Recently we have moved to a wireless computer system which means that increasing numbers of computer laptops are in use; it is therefore critical that we keep studio doors closed. The need for security and protection against theft on top of the increased costs of cleaning have led to the development of the following School Deposit Policy.

Students registered in studio courses are expected to work in studio and everyone is provided with either a dedicated space  or to store belongings.  The Industrial Design studios are professional work environments and at the end of each year all students must restore the studios (including equipment, fridges and microwaves), not simply the individual desk, to the same condition they were found at the start of the year.  This is guaranteed by your Studio Deposit.

All students will be responsible for cleaning their furniture and removing all of their material on a pre-arranged date before leaving at the close of the school year – Move-Out Day. All students will be issued with their own  studio key on payment of  a Studio Deposit fee of $65.  To avoid any confusion regarding fulfillment of this obligation, each student will be required to sign an agreement which will be completed as the key is returned at the end of the year.

To help organize this process we have scheduled Move-In and Move-Out days that everyone is required to attend. On the Move-In day, the Studio Deposits will be collected and keys distributed by the Administrative Assistant in the General Office (Room 3470 ME). Anyone now possessing keys for any reason must return them to her before initiating this process. The  studio spaces will then be assigned by the Studio Professors.

Space Deposit:
Third & Fourth Year:

Second & First Year :

Studio Deposit: $65. Debit or VISA Only

Move-Out Day: To be announced in spring

On the Move-Out day, the studios will be cleaned and all personal property moved out.  Only at the end of the day after all areas (including common use areas) are cleaned and keys returned, will Studio Deposits be refunded.  Failure to attend and participate during the scheduled time will mean forfeiture of your Studio Deposit; that money will then be used, on your behalf, to cover the cost of cleaning and studio maintenance.  Some form of alternate arrangement may be made in writing in advance, at the discretion of the School, for anyone unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances.

Everyone in  the School of  Industrial Design is hoping for a successful and safe studio experience this year and your support of  this policy will help.