Q. What is an industrial designer?
A. Industrial designers are the specialists who determine the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of many products we use daily – from toasters and cell phones to sporting goods and tools. Industrial designers play a vital role on product development teams to ensure the connection between a product and its end user.

Q. What does an industrial designer do?
A. The industrial designer is often responsible for communicating and contextualizing conceptual ideas in an interdisciplinary team that may involve anthropologists, management, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing specialists. This requires graduates who have a unique contribution in such an interdisciplinary environment and who are adept at working with professionals from other fields as well as their own.

Q. What skills should I possess in order to become an industrial designer?
A. Are you smart and creative? Do you enjoy problem-solving? Are you interested in drawing and designing three-dimensional objects? Are you curious about things and how they work? Are you keen to design products that are useful to people? If so, Industrial Design may be for you.

Q. How do I transfer to the BID program?
A. Please refer to the Carleton University Undergraduate Admissions website for transfer details as well as transfer credit information. Due to the studio component it normally takes four years to complete the program.With previous postsecondary industrial design studies, studio courses may be considered for transfer credit. Space availability in higher years of the program is a consideration.

Q. Do you offer courses for students not registered in the BID?
A. The following two first year courses are available to students not registered in the BID program.IDES 1000 The History and Theory of Industrial Design (Fall Term)

IDES 1001 Industrial Design Analysis (Winter Term)
(Prerequisite IDES 1000)

Q. Do you offer a January admission?
A. The Bachelor of Industrial Design program offers September admission only.

Q. Do you offer courses in transportation design?
A. The BID program is a broad focus of all aspects of product design. We do not offer specific courses in transportation design.

Q. What design skills/computer software skills should I know prior to beginning industrial design studies?
A. While sketching, model-making, two-and three dimensional drawing and/or CAD software skills may be an asset, you will learn these skills in the BID program.

Q. If I’m admitted, can I defer my admission to the program to the following year?
A. No, except under extreme circumstances.

Q. What kind of job will I get when I graduate?
A. Industrial designers have many avenues of employment. They can become members of a design team within a corporation, join an office of design consultants, or become design entrepreneurs. Industrial design graduates from Carleton are employed by companies of all sizes, from small consultancies and medium-sized businesses to large multi-national corporations in Canada and abroad, and work on products varying from transportation to sports equipment and from high tech communications to medical equipment.

Q. Do I require a personal computer?
A. Students in the School of Industrial Design (SID) purchase their own laptop systems. It is mandatory for students to have a suitable laptop computer as described in the Undergraduate Computer Requirements by the first term of their first year of study.