For additional registration information, please visit the Registrar’s website. To find out when you are scheduled to begin registering check your time-ticket.

First Year

  • 5.0 credits in: IDES 1000, IDES 1001, IDES 1300, IDES 1301, ECON 1000 [1.0], MATH 1107, PSYC 1001, PSYC 1002, PHYS 1007.

All of first year courses are preselected. Each course CRN should appear in the Add Class table at the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page in Carleton Central. To register, simply click the submit button. You should not delete or substitute any of the CRNs that are preselected for you without consulting the School.

Second Year

  • 4.0 credits in: IDES 2101, IDES 2102, IDES 2105, IDES 2205, IDES 2300, IDES 2302, IDES 2600, PSYC 3702;
  • 0.5 credit in: Architecture, Art History, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, or Technology, Society, Environment Studies;
  • 0.5 credit in free electives.

The elective courses you choose will be a stepping stone for your electives in third and fourth year, so choose something that interests you. You may also want to consider taking a minor in another department. If so, your elective could be one of the courses you need to satisfy the minor requirements.

Third Year

  • 3.0 credits in: IDES 3300 [1.0], IDES 3302, IDES 3502, IDES 3503, IDES 3601;
  • 0.5 credit in BUSI 2204;
  • 1.0 credits in electives at the 2000-level or above;
  • 0.5 credit in: IDES 3104, IDES 3105, IDES 3202, IDES 3305, or IDES 3306;

Fourth Year

  • 3.5 credits in: IDES 4001, IDES 4301, IDES 4302, IDES 4310 [1.5], IDES 4400;
  • 1.5 credits in approved electives at the 3000-level or above.