Natacha Demers

Environmental Engineering currently 4th year 2020-2021


IESP (formerly AESP) celebrates 10 Years: 2002 – 2012

These videos celebrate student success over our 10 years of providing support for Aboriginal first year university students. Hear from Ray Soosay, a student from our very first year, 2002_03; Pam Gross, a recent BA graduate; Richard Cywink, now in 3rd year Canadian Studies; Vanessa Stevens, a recent BA graduate; and Tim Gull, a recent BA graduate.

These videos were produced by Paula Chinkiwsky through an internship collaboration with the Indigenous Interactive Multi-Media Program (

Ray Soosay

A student from AESP’s very first year (2002-03)

Pam Gross

BA graduate

Richard Cywink

Now in 3rd year Canadian Studies 2012

Vanessa Stevens

BA graduate

Tim Gull

BA graduate

Changemakers Logo

AESP Aboriginal High School Mentor Program Receives Changemakers Award!

Partnering with ASHOKA Changemakers allows Carleton University’s Indigenous High School Mentorship Program to continue supporting Aboriginal students in achieving their academic goals. The Changemakers Initiative also highlights the work happening across the country to support Canada’s First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities and we are thankful to be part of this important dialogue.

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“As an aboriginal person, I thought that door was closed to me, and that I had no chance, but AESP opened that door.” – D.F. Galipeau from Attawapiscat, Former AESP student, now studying toward a B.A. Hons. Economics

“Coming in to academia in the AESP was a very easy and friendly process. The AESP and the staff have met my needs and made this an enjoyable part of my life.” – R. Soosay from Alexander, Former AESP student