ICS has created a new minor in Disability Studies. The following two new courses are the first to be required for this minor.

DBST 1001 [0.5 credit] 

Introduction to Disability Studies

Challenging negative stereotypes of disability by allowing students the opportunity to explore disability through many different venues including history, theory, culture, ethics, policy and disability rights. Reframing disability from personal tragedy to issues of oppression, access, inclusion and equality.

Lectures and discussion groups three hours per week.

DBST 4001 [0.5 credit] 

Disability Studies: Policy, and Activism

This course will examine the complex legal, policy and discursive frameworks that shape the lives of persons with disability and the history of the emergence of the disability rights movement as a scholarly and activist challenge to, and renegotiation of, those frameworks.

Prerequisite(s): fourth-year standing or permission of the Institute.

Lectures three hours per week.

More information to follow.

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