Faculty in the program pursue various teaching approaches unified by the drive to foster high-quality teacher-student interaction and respectful and meaningful peer support and interaction. The program has one of the most culturally diverse student bodies on campus, providing an appropriate atmosphere for more informed, passionate, and balanced exchange of ideas about human rights and social justice, both inside and outside of the classroom. At Carleton, human rights education is more than an intellectual pursuit; it also involves championing human rights causes through activism both on campus and beyond the bounds of Carleton to improve real life conditions that cause human rights violations, advocate for fair legal reforms, and fight for equality and social justice. Our third- and fourth-year practicum courses also serve as a bridge between the classroom and the real world, allowing our students from the program to apply classroom theories in a work setting and bringing those community experiences back to class to enrich theoretical conversations. Furthermore, students in the program also can improve their research skills in the summer by working as research assistants under the supervision of research faculty.

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Please reach out to the program or any of the faculty members to inquire about potential research opportunities that are available.