Carleton faculty members and contract instructors specializing in Latin American and Caribbean Studies:

Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Derek Smith (Department of Geography and Environmental Studies)
Peter Gose (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Philip Kaisary (Department of Law and Legal Studies)
Sarah Casteel (Department of English Language and Literature)
Audra Diptee (Department of History)
Gabrielle Etcheverry (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies)
Robert Fournier (Department of French)
Pablo Heidrich (Global and International Studies)
Sonya Lipsett-Rivera (Department of History)
Laura Macdonald (Department of Political Science)
Alexandra Mallett (School of Public Policy and Administration)
Megan Rivers-Moore (Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies)
Cristina Rojas (Department of Political Science)
Jill Wigle (Department of Geography and Environmental Studies)
Jean Daudelin (School of International Affairs)
Ana C. Dammert (Economics)
José Galdo (School of Public Policy)
Randall Gess (Linguistic and Applied Languages)
Lisa Mills (Public Policy)
Luciara Nardon (Sprott School of Business)
Raul Razo-Garcia (Economics)
Derek Smith (Geography)
Adrian Smith (Law and Legal Studies)
Cecilia Taiana (Social Work)
Frances Slaney (Sociology and Anthropology)