We are pleased to share that the three significant issues that were identified in the cuLearn upgrade from Moodle version 2.8.7 to version 3.1.1 have been fixed.

On September 21, we indicated that these three issues were:

  1. Grading assignments – slow page loads: When an instructor attempted to open a student assignment from the gradebook, the assignment page took a long time to load. This is now fixed and the grading assignment page loads much more quickly.
  2. Restricting access permissions – cannot be modified or deleted: Restrict Access Permissions are conditions set up in a course that permit students to progress through a course based on achieving a particular benchmark. If instructors attempted to change or remove a condition, they received an error message indicating that they could not complete the change. Instructors no longer receive the error message and can complete the change. 
  3. Uploading multiple feedback files – produces an empty field: When instructors attempted to upload multiple assignments with feedback to students from a zip file, the zip file appeared to upload, but it was empty. The zip file now contains the correct information. 

We appreciated your patience as CCS and EDC worked to address these issues. Please let us know if you experience difficulties or have concerns with cuLearn.

Thank you.