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Welcome to My Classroom! This page is designed to connect you with the resources and information you need in order to learn about, and teach in, your classroom.

Rooms Search

If you are looking for information on the permanent technology and physical layout of your classroom, try our Rooms Search page where you will find things like a list of equipment installed, the seating capacity and an image of the classroom.

Online Help Centre

Our Online Help Centre is customized to help you with the teaching technology in your classroom. It features an Online Classroom Orientation tool (for self-guided, remote and/or immediate access to classroom technology training). There is also a Quick Tech Guide and an FAQ section.

Teaching with Classroom Technology

For more general information on getting started in an E-Classroom, visit our Teaching in Electronic Classrooms page. You’ll find a teaching checklist, information on classroom hours of operation, details on classroom technology, and more!

Classroom Orientation


The Online Classroom Orientation tool is designed to help you with classroom technology specific to your classroom. It is a self-directed and convenient access point to information on how to use the teaching technology in your classroom. The customized content will help you navigate through important information, and offer short 30-40 second video demonstrations along with step-by-step directions on how to use classroom technology specific to your classroom.


In addition to our online classroom orientation tool, we also offer in-person orientations for instructors, students and staff who are interested in learning more about the various items residing in our classrooms.