1. Teaching Checklist
  2. Classroom Hours of Operation
  3. Classroom Technology
    1. Computers and software
    2. Lecture Capture
    3. Wireless network
  4. Classroom Technology Help

If you’re teaching in an electronic classroom this term, the information below will help you get started. You can also find information specific to the room you’re teaching in by using our Classroom Orientation tool to learn about how to use the classroom technology, or by using our rooms search tool for technical information on the technology in your classroom.

Teaching Checklist

Prior to your first class, please review the checklist below and ensure you have what you need.

If you have any questions, please call us at 613-520-3815.

 Item Purpose Contact Forms
Classroom key To access classroom AV equipment IMS Classroom Technology Support Office

Loeb D283

Key requisition
MC1/CUNET account To log onto classroom computer ITS  N/A
Audio visual equipment To connect devices, or borrow other equipment IMS Classroom Technology Support Office

Loeb D283

Equipment reservation form

Classroom Hours of Operation

While classes are in session, the classroom hours of operation are:

Days Hours
Monday to Thursday available until 11:00pm
Fridays available until 7:00pm
Closed weekends and holidays

Classroom equipment use after-hours and on weekends

Starting at 7 p.m. on Fridays and continuing all weekend, teaching consoles will be locked and unavailable for use without prior arrangements. Rooms available through the pool system will need to be booked with 48 hours notice through CUES so that a unique pass code can be assigned.

This policy is only relevant for events outside normal class hours and do not affect centrally scheduled classes. In addition to weekend lockouts, weeknights starting at 11 p.m., and through until 7 a.m. the next day, AV equipment is also locked out and requires prior arrangements for access.

To contact CUES, please call ext. 1850 or email ims.conference.support@carleton.ca.

Classroom Technology

Computers and software

CTS has permanently installed computers in our electronic classrooms that can connect to a data projector. The machines are equipped with a variety of software to suit your needs, including Microsoft Office 2013, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 28 and Google Chrome 34. To discuss additional software requirements please call 613-520-3815.

Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is also available in virtually any room on campus. There are 36 classrooms that are fully equipped with a turnkey solution, while the remaining 102 electronic classrooms contain the Capture software and instructors just need to borrow a wireless microphone from CTS to record lectures.

Wireless network

Information Technology Services (ITS) has provided wireless network coverage across a broad area of campus, including classrooms. Instructors, staff and students can access for free using their MyCarletonOne account, while guests and affiliates can be issued temporary access by contacting the ITS Service Desk.

Classroom Technology Help

We encourage all instructors to use our Online Help Centre for classroom technology assistance. It features a Quick How-to Guide, which offers immediate information for classroom technology matters such as adjusting audio, how to use the wireless mic and more. It also contains an FAQ, which addresses questions such as how to launch a PowerPoint presentation and how to connect your laptop.

Each electronic classroom comes equipped with a telephone inside the equipment cabinet. You can use it to call us at ext. 3815 directly from your room and we can help right away!

Immediate Assistance