Internal Technician (per hour between 6am – 10pm) $41
Weekday After-hours  (per hour between 10pm – 6am) $61.50
Weekends (per hour between 12am – 12pm) $61.50
Deliveries or pickups (non tech gear: flip charts, dollies etc.) $15

Electronic Classrooms

RATES ($) Daily Internal Weekly Internal Weekend Internal
Lecture Theatre 76.00 229.00 114.00
213 Tory (Active Learning Classroom) 132.00 396.00 198.00
431 Tory (Active Learning Classroom) 65.00 195.00 97.50


If an event requires CUES to rent additional equipment from an external supplier to meet organizers requirements these rental costs will be passed on to the client with an overhead of 25%. CUES will endeavour to meet the requirements of the organizer with its inventory; however, some specialized and large events exceed the capacity of CUES.