Quick Tech Guide

If you are looking for quick reference to information on a specific technology, this tool can help. You can start here and navigate into the Online Classroom Orientation tool as needed. For questions on particular processes, check out our FAQ.

Online Classroom Orientation

Welcome to the IMS Online Help Centre! This tool is designed to help you with classroom technology. It is a self-directed online classroom orientation tool designed as both a quick and convenient access point to information on teaching technology, as well as self-service training opportunity. The modules will help you navigate through important content and offer short 30-40 second video demonstrations along with step-by-step directions.

In-person Orientation

While the knowledge base serves as a great self-service classroom orientation tool, there are subtle differences from room to room. Instructors should take note of this as they view the orientation videos, and are encouraged to book a face-to-face orientation session for a more personalized orientation.