IESP Application to Increase Summer Course Load

This form is for IESP students who would like to take more than 1.0 credit in the summer term. See below for the criteria. Any questions, please feel free to reach out to for advice
  • Requirements to increase course load

    This form allows you to apply for full-time summer studies (1.5 or 2.0 credits are considered full-time). Please select your intended course load below. Note: you do not need to complete this form to take 1.0 credit or less. (PMC students may have different requirements for full-time study. Please email us for advice).
  • For example: Fall: PSYC 1001A: C+, ANTH 1001A: B+, FYSM (full credit) Win: FYSM 1900A: currently B, PSYC 1002D: currently C-, ANTH 1002B: no grades yet
  • If you do not indicate which course(s) you consent to drop, and we are unable to reach you, we will decide this on your behalf.