Practical Tips to Get You Started on the Right Foot

Get your Campus Card

The campus card is your student identification, your library and gym card. It is your photocopy card and to top it off, it also acts as a campus debit card! You will need your campus card for identification when writing examinations, so make sure you get it.

New Undergraduate Student Information

To help you prepare for your first year, we have produced a checklist of all the things you need to know.

Medical and Dental Insurance – “Opt-out” or “Opt-in”

As an Indigenous person, you may already have medical and dental coverage through your band, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs or other sources. Providing you have another source of medical and dental coverage, you may wish to opt out of the University’s student insurance plan that is automatically included in your tuition fees. Should you elect to opt-out of the University’s student plan, you need to complete the opt-out forms available in the CUSA office (401 Unicentre Building) or online. You can expect a refund cheque in the amount of your yearly premium in November to be picked up at the CUSA office. The opt-out and opt-in forms are available at the CUSA office, online or you may email CUSA regarding student health plans.

Full-time winter students are not automatically enrolled but may purchase the plan(s) during the specified opt-in periods. Please be advised that there is a deadline to opt-out or opt-in of your student medical plan. This deadline is usually mid-October. Please check with CUSA regarding the deadline and submit your forms accordingly.

Health Care Services

Speaking of health, are you feeling a bit under the weather – or perhaps you may be suffering from something more serious and require confidential medical attention and advice?

You may visit Carleton University’s Health and Counselling Services in the Carleton Technology and Training Centre, Suite 2600, or book an appointment with one of the doctors at (613) 520-6674. Health and Counselling Services have the following hours:

Click here to find out the hours and how to schedule an appointment.

The cost is covered by whatever medical coverage you have secured either band coverage or Carleton University’s student insurance plan.

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable visiting a facility geared towards the health of Indigenous peoples. If this is the case, you can contact the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health.