Emergency Rush Logistics on their Business Mindset and Building a Network with First Nations in Canada

By Nehaa Bimal

Emergency Rush Logistics (ERL), a company that specializes in same-day time-critical deliveries across North America, is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Tye Galley and Cody Lystiuk.

From the bike path to the workplace, ERL started as a conversation Tye and Cody had while biking together. The two grade-school friends soon became business partners when they launched their start-up in 2021. ERL’s goal is to improve the quality of life for First Nations through revenues generated, joint ventures, and employment opportunities.

This, along with its mission statement of “No delays. No penalties. No loss of revenues,” has helped ERL distinguish itself from other shipping and delivery companies as they continue to establish themselves in the industry.

A Yin Yang Business Partnership: ERL’s Founders

Though Tye and Cody’s professional backgrounds are different, they describe their business partnership as “yin and yang,” as they both bring their own resources and insight into ERL.

Tye’s background is in logistics, based on his twelve-year experience working for his family business, Emergency Parts Logistics (EPL) which has a proud history of collaborating with First Nations communities, which he hopes to continue with ERL.

“I’m hoping to engage more with Indigenous communities at ERL and start to interact on a more personal scale with the First Nation communities. Our vision for ERL is to improve their quality of life through continuous employment, revenue and joint ventures. Our main goal is to hire local and support local,” said Tye.

Tye’s work experience at EPL had him on all sides of the business from operations, cross-border driving, and physical deliveries to traveling abroad to oversee international freight.

As a result of his many years in the business, Tye has built accounts in the oil, gas, and paper sectors, which are amongst the markets that ERL hopes to serve, along with the automotive, aerospace, and government sectors.

Post-high school, Cody went straight for the trades. He began working on bridges but unsure about which career path to take, he eventually ended up working as a plumber. Still unsure and not satisfied as a plumber, Cody left for a management position with a commercial construction company working as a Site Superintendent.

Even then, he still felt a lack of purpose and passion at work, which made getting through the day to day difficult.

It was his conversations with Tye on the bike paths that helped him find a new direction to pursue work-wise with ERL. Cody immediately stepped away from the trade industries and furthered his education while working on their start-up.

On Working with Indigenous Communities through Future EDge’s Indigenous Entrepreneurship Program

Cody is a proud member of the Algonquin First Nation from the Mattawa/North-Bay region.

In order to learn more about his cultural background and Canada’s First Nations, he completed various Indigenous programs at the University of Alberta.

Cody felt as though he had to improve his business skill set and enrolled in the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Program developed by the CU Future EDge and the Innovation Hub at Carleton University. The program allowed him to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to begin succeeding as an Indigenous entrepreneur.

At the beginning of the program, it was initially intimidating seeing everyone so well-established from past or present careers and I was one of the younger people in the class, who was stepping into an entirely new world. As the weeks went by, I found my groove and became more comfortable.  The group discussions, knowledge shared, and networking was invaluable,” he said.

Both Tye and Cody gained a lot of insight from their office hours with the program’s director Richard Tuck who encouraged them to get their business up and running.

“The program taught me a lot about the importance of considerations, protocols, and processes that need to be respected when building relationships and working with First Nations. I hope to learn more about this topic.”

Based out of Thunder Bay/Ottawa, ERL stands apart since there are not many First Nation logistics companies that do emergency shipments as they do. Because they can “set up shop anywhere,” ERL plans to expand as far and wide as possible.

ERL offers job opportunities for Indigenous communities in remote locations and they provide all the resources needed to start operations. ERL is open to all potential joint-venture opportunities.

The Ace in Your Deck: ERL’s Business Approach

“ERL is the ace in your deck when your routine carriers can’t manage your emergency deadlines,” said Tye, referring to ERL’s role in dealing with time-critical deliveries.

The services they provide include but are not limited to, Next Flight Out (NFO), Hand-Carry, Direct Drive, Charters, and General Cargo. Emergencies don’t sleep, so ERL keeps the lights on 24/7/365.

ERLs infrastructure uses a track and trace system, proprietary software which allows customers to track their shipment from dispatch to arrival with regular updates and “constant communication.” The idea is to avoid stressful calls or emails to your carrier service by ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page during the shipment process each step of the way.

On advice for other young entrepreneurs who are hoping to launch their start-ups, both Tye and Cody encourage them to “just breathe and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s important you enjoy the journey rather than stress over it. Be open to all advice and resources made available, the help is there.”

Likening the business to being a boxing ring with themselves as the boxers and the world as an intimidating opponent. Tye stresses the importance of “having a healthy corner of people who have been in the ring before, who have the battle scars of business, trials and -tribulations that come with it. Move methodically instead of acting on impulse.”

“Getting those proper whispers in your ear during the hard times can help you pull through.”


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