This Summer: Join our drop-in program and learn what it takes to make your dreams a reality


Program Timeline:

June 7th and 16th – Communicating with you and Pitching yourself

July 5th and 14th – Engaging with Passion Spaces

August 2nd and 11th – Building a Solution

Back by popular demand! The Innovation Hub at Carleton University has returned with our Changemaker Unlocked Summer Series.

We want to give YOU the opportunity to create a BOLD and INNOVATIVE solution. Apply your academics. This dynamic and experiential learning environment will give you real-life tools and skills to stand in front of the world and prove your ideas are valuable.

Timeline and Student Journey:

Consisting of 3, separate phases over the course of the summer, our programming is flexible and caters to YOU. We have weekly 2-hour sessions with field/industry experts. We have an army of coaches and mentors to help you succeed. And don’t worry – this is not another classroom. These sessions offer some of the most unique and motivating ways to apply your academic learning in real-time.

Phase 1 = Communicating you! and Pitching yourself (June 7th and  16th)

Phase 2 = Engaging with Passion Spaces (July 5th and 14th)

Phase 3 = Building a Solution (August 2nd and 11th)


  • The challenge is open to all students and we welcome folks from diverse backgrounds!

Presented by:

Carleton University’s Innovation Hub