Launch: Ideas Experiential Learning Program

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Are you a student seeking an incredible, outside-the-box course for academic credit?

Or are you in need of a Co-op Opportunity?

Or perhaps you’re looking for that Internship that could open the door to your budding career?

Launch: Ideas is the Innovation Hub’s brand new experiential learning opportunity, open to all students, including co-op students. When you sign up for Launch: Ideas, you’ll work in a team of 4-7 like-minded students to solve a major problem or produce a solution for a real company looking for top-notch talent. We’ve partnered with several unique organizations that need YOUR support in solving their problems.

Why join Launch: Ideas?

By participating as a Student for Academic Credit, an Intern or a Co-op student in Launch: Ideas, you’ll get the chance to put your passion and knowledge to the test. And no, not a regular school test or exam. This program aims to provide you with the opportunity to produce an innovative and actionable solution for a real organization currently operating in the industry that you want to break into. The solutions and the exposure in this program both represent incredible opportunities.

Who is Launch: Ideas for?

Launch: Ideas is for any student seeking a dynamic experiential learning experience, who has an entrepreneurial spirit, drive, problem-solving, and people skills!

When does Launch: Ideas take place?

Launch: Ideas is an ongoing initiative. We have opportunities that last for 4 months or 8 months as a co-op term, or for one semester as academic credit. We have many companies interested in YOUR support – so we offer placements and internships year-round. Let us know using the application below what you have to offer, and don’t forget to make your introduction video!



  • Upcoming or most recent past graduation date.
  • Eg. Industrial Design, Cognitive Science, Social Work, Electrical Engineering or Journalism, etc.
  • If you do not have one, put all zeros
  • If you already have credit for one of Carleton's experiential learning courses from a previous term, please let us know.
  • Applicants pursuing academic credit will be prioritized. Please indicate your plans in terms of this application. If you wish to register for academic credit, if you are successful in your application you can register for BUSI 3800i, BUSI 4800i, BUSI 4905, BUSI 5997i, or PANL 5701, or others with permission of your department.
  • For the purposes of this application, these are my plans if I am accepted (applications for BUSI 3800i, BUSI 4800i, BUSI 5907i, or PANL 5702 are prioritized):
  • If you selected "I'm registering in another course", please let us know which course that is, eg. BUSI 5999.
  • Please select all options that work for you, to increase the chance of you being offered a position.
  • Some of our clients prefer their teams to come into their offices to work directly with them. How often are you available to work onsite with the client, in Ottawa, or on campus, at the Innovation Hub?
  • We have a variety of different types of projects to work on. Let us know if you have a specific interest you'd like to pursue, and we'll do our best to keep that in mind.
  • This type of role requires initiative, drive and an ability to problem-solve using diverse resources.
  • Working at the Innovation Hub requires an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set, as well as the ability to share your knowledge with teammates. Please tell us which skills you currently possess and would feel confident teaching others about - we're hoping you can pick at least 5 skills here that show us what you can contribute to the team, more than 5 is even better!
  • Describe your top three skills in more detail (i.e., discuss your proficiency level for each skill, how did you acquire each skill, your previous experience that demonstrates the application of each skill). If you have skills not listed above, feel free to describe them here as well.
  • This role requires excellent communication and organizational skills. Describe how you organize your school work and any other (eg. part-time job?) deliverables, including your prioritization process and time allocation to each task.
  • This can be a past or current participant.
  • Please upload your resume in a pdf format
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please provide a link to an unlisted YouTube video with a 2-minute (or less) introduction video, featuring YOU! This can be recorded via Zoom, or a mobile phone. We require this video to pass on to potential employers, so please keep it professional.
  • Required Reporting

  • If accepted as an intern at the Innovation Hub, do you agree to submit a weekly Internship progress report to the Innovation Hub staff?
  • If accepted as an intern at the Innovation Hub, do you agree to submit a final internship report to the Innovation Hub?
  • Do you provide consent to the Innovation Hub to share the information that you have provided through this form with Innovation Hub-based companies? (please note that we will only share your information with our companies for hiring purposes)