What is Launch: Ventures?

Launch: Ventures is a program for students looking to grow their existing business/company in an incubation-style environment. The program is sector-agnostic and focuses on preparing student-led ventures to progress towards achieving impact and experiencing rapid business growth.

Why join Launch: Ventures?

Our program is unique for many reasons. Firstly, we offer up to $10,000 in funding for ventures that meet specified milestones over the course of the program. Participating ventures will have a dedicated workspace, an exclusive group of mentors, coaches, and industry experts. Additionally, we offer synchronous and asynchronous sessions as a part of a carefully curated curriculum and opportunities to pitch ideas and solutions to early-stage investors!

Who is Launch: Ventures for?

Currently, students at Carleton University can register for the program as an intern, co-op and also be provided the opportunity to register through a “special topic” elective in order to participate in the program. Students who register for an elective course will earn academic credit towards their degree completion. The benefits of the overall program are consistent for any member of the Launch: Ventures program.

When does Launch: Ventures take place?

The Launch: Ventures program begins in January, and will span 12 weeks over an entire semester. A brief example of the program curriculum can be viewed below the registration form.

Registration for Launch Winter 2023 is now closed.
Thank you to all applicants!

Week Title Description
1 Starting pitch Each participating company presents its starting pitch to Innovation Hub’s management and staff. Throughout the week, each company is assigned dedicated resources and mentorship depending on the strengths and weaknesses
2 Registrations (including incorporation, etc) Participating ventures work with dedicated Innovation Hub teams to complete the paperwork required for them to become standalone legal entities with a defined management structure and well-understood roles and responsibilities
3 Strategies for rapid business growth Participating companies consider necessary key elements for rapid business growth. Companies will use Innovation Hub’s templates and techniques to identify specific target markets, calculate achievable revenue goals from each market segment, identify specific partners to achieve the stated goals, and develop a roadmap with specific timelines.
4 Emerging technologies and what they mean for your business This week consists of an overview of the most impactful emerging technologies. Participants will be provided with a nuanced understanding of the technologies and techniques to help them understand how they can leverage (incorporate) them to benefit their businesses
5 Intellectual property and freedom to operate Participants get exposure to the potential implications of intellectual property on their business growth prospects. Participants also get exposure to “freedom to operate” concepts.
6 Financing models and considerations This week covers strategies for raising financing to support business growth. Participating companies will learn about different types of financing models and their potential implications for participants.
7 Access to technology platforms Participants receive overviews of various technology platform options and are provided with technical support to adopt their selected solutions
8 Sales support Participants are provided with expert coaching on executing their Growth Plan (including approaching their identified anchor customers)
9 Leadership development As founders and management teams ramp up on business growth, a dedicated week on individual leadership development to ensure all participating ventures follow high-functioning leadership and management practices. Individual leadership coaching is available throughout the duration of the program.
10 Internationalization This week focuses on accessing international markets; an important component is exposure to generally acceptable international business practices, key cultural differences, and Canadian laws on doing business abroad.
11 Progress review Participating companies demonstrate their overall progress since the start of the incubator program and get ready to pitch to investors for an early-stage angel investment
12 Pitch presentations Each individual company will get to present its businesses to a group of investors who will either offer funds, access to services, or further coaching and mentorship.

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