Innovation Hub supports the Carleton community in adopting innovative, impactful, and inclusive approaches to solving the world’s biggest challenges. We also recognize the importance of building connections between individuals’ core beliefs and the desired impacts.

Our programming is designed in such a way that it allows participants to find meaningful and tangible ideas that are aligned with their value systems and then enable them to turn those ideas into ventures (for-profit or not-for-profit).

Carleton students are also able to join existing ventures, or teams, to make their desired impacts. Contact us if you want to join an existing venture as an intern or team member.

Hub Programming

Learn > Experience > Expand

Learn – raise issue awareness

  • Innovation Cafés – SDGs, emerging tech, social justice, Future of Work
  • Innovation Challenges – bimonthly competitions for Carleton student teams to solve a given challenge
  • Idea2Action programs – turn ideas into tangible solutions

Experience – get ventures going

  • Incubation programs – establish ventures through learning and ecosystem
  • Review panels – get access to resources ($, advice, infrastructure)

Expand – grow globally

  • Acceleration programs – grow ventures with soft-landing and dedicated coaching
  • Investment panels – attract early stage funding to support growth

To know more about our programs or register for a program, please click and visit the Learn, Experience, and Expand pages.