Innovation Hub Programs

The Hub provides nascent entrepreneurs and student-founders with the tools and resources to build high-impact careers and businesses which can change our society for the better. Located in the brand-new Nicol Building – the Innovation Hub is the place for students to seek the inspiration and motivation needed to explore and advance in the world of entrepreneurship.

Exposure and Early-Stage Development Streams

Our Exposure and Early-Stage Development Programs (EESD) provide students with the community they need to explore innovation and develop their personal skills (self-awareness, communication, leadership) while building and vocalizing solutions that our world needs with confidence and passion. Our EESD programs also provide opportunities for high-level networking and career development.

Our Entrepreneurial Development Pathways

Our Entrepreneurial Development Pathways (EDPs) allow students to experience entrepreneurship at every stage of development. Additionally, students who begin their entrepreneurial journey at the Hatch Program can continue to evolve their ventures in our community through Launch: Ventures and Breakthrough.

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Carleton University’s Innovation Hub