The subject application relates to telecommunication networks and more particularly, to a method and system for managing and allocating wireless network resources to optimize User satisfaction. One aspect of the invention is directed to a system comprising a wireless base station; a user device; 5 and a wireless network connecting said wireless base-station to said user device; said wireless base station being operable: to employ a ‘zone of tolerance’ to model user satisfaction; and to respond to a request from said user device to access network resources, by allocating network resources based on said ‘zone of tolerance’ model. Other aspects of the invention are also shown and described including a system and method of allocating network resources based on an automated machine learning model selection and optimization process.

US application 17/188,683 (int’l filing date 29-Aug-2019)

CA application 3,11,030 (int’l filing date 29-Aug-2019)

EP application 08940587  (int’l filing date 29-Aug-2019)

International publication number: WO2020/0041883

Inventor(s): Alkurd, Rawan; Yanikomeroglu, Halim; Abualhaol, Ibrahim

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