HaptoBend is an original device for providing general passive haptic feedback (PHF) in virtual reality (VR). HaptoBend has a number of hinged panels that allow the device to be bent into a physical shape representative of a virtual object. Sensors associated with each of the hinges provide information indicative of the rotational configuration of the hinges and so, the passive haptic feedback device. The hinged panels allow it to provide PHF for a variety of virtual objects by transitioning between 2D, plane-like shapes, and multi-surface 3D shapes. Through its shape-changing capabilities, HaptoBend avoids the size, complexity, and cost of general purpose haptic systems. HaptoBend is simple, yet diverse by leveraging the dominance of human vision over other senses to provide realistic PHF with physical approximations of virtual objects. HaptoBend’s ability to bend also means bending interactions can be applied to normally rigid objects in VR while maintaining realistic PHF.

Canada application/publication number: 3,058,763 (filed Oct. 15, 2019)

US application number: 16/654,152 (filed Oct. 16, 2019)

US publication number: US 2020-0117276 A1

Inventor(s): McClelland, John C; Teather, Robert J; Girouard, Audrey.

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