Mission of the Infrastructure Resilience Research Group
Canada’s Critical National Infrastructure (NCI) is essential to our country’s economic and social well-being and national security. Government policy has defined ten critical infrastructure sectors, notably energy and utilities, finance, food, health, information and communication technology, manufacturing, public safety, transportation, water, and government. These infrastructures are increasingly interconnected and interdependent, making them more vulnerable to disruption or destruction by natural or man-made threats. The protection of Canada’s Critical National Infrastructure requires the building and sharing of knowledge so as to ensure that expertise is in place to manage risks, mitigate potential damage, and ensure the resilience of stakeholders’ assets and communities.

The Dean of Engineering and Design at Carleton University in collaboration with the Dean of Public Affairs have created an Infrastructure Resilience Research Group (IRRG) to advise and promote interdisciplinary knowledge-building initiatives regarding risks and vulnerabilities pertaining to Critical National Infrastructure in an all-hazards environment, including threat assessments, managerial precepts and risk management solutions. This Group will carry out and support applied research studies, professional training programs, national and international outreach activities, and publications relating to its mission.

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