Bachelor of Science Three year (15 credits) or Four year (20 credits) Degree Program Options

Carleton’s Interdisciplinary Science and Practice program is a four-year Honours Bachelor of Science degree program, (20 credits) or a three-year Bachelor of Science degree, (15 credits).

Your First Year Experience

A Sample First Year

  • ISAP 1001 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Science
  • ISAP 1002 Seminar in Interdisciplinary Science
  • 2.0 credits in approved experimental science courses as defined in the regulations for the Bachelor of Science (choose from first year courses in subjects such as BIOL, CHEM, ERTH, FOOD, GEOM, GEOG, NEUR, PHYS.  The first year science courses selected should be for a minor in science that you are interested in completing.   See the list of minors in Science below.
  • MATH 1007 or MATH 1107
  • COMP 1005
  • 1.0 credit in electives (may include ECON 1001 and 1002)

Students are required to complete one minor from the Faculty of Science.   A second minor (from any faculty including science) is encouraged. Students should consult with their academic advisor to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Minors in Faculty of Science are:

  • minor in Biology
  • minor in Chemistry
  • minor in Computer Science
  • minor in Earth Sciences
  • minor in Food Sciences
  • minor in Geomatics
  • minor in Health Sciences
  • minor in Mathematics
  • minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • minor in Physical Geography
  • minor in Physics
  • minor in Statistics

Upper Year Courses

After first year, you will probe the sciences in more depth, with upper year courses required to complete your chosen minor in science.  Each term courses in Interdisciplinary Science (ISAP) are required to be completed along with the courses in science.

Please use the link below to view the ISAP program requirements in the undergraduate calendar