Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have indicated their commitment to timely processing of study permit applications to support students with planning for Fall 2021.

Effectively, complete study permit applications received by May 15, 2021 can expect to receive a decision by August 6, 2021.

This service guarantee will support applications of both new admissions and returning students whose study permits expired or are about to expire while they are outside of Canada.

Requirements for a complete study permit application will vary by visa office, and students must consult IRCC’s website for application instructions for their country. These will include biometrics, police record checks, immigration medical exams and other official documents.

Impacts of COVID-19, including reduced service at Visa Application Centres (VACs), may impact a student’s ability to submit a complete study permit application. Incomplete applications due to COVID measures, and all study permit applications received aft​er May 15th will continue to be processed – however IRCC cannot guarantee a decision prior to the start of the Fall semester.

Please note that study permit processing times do not account for the time to process a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and students should allow for additional time to submit their passport and have it returned to them before travelling. IRCC cannot guarantee courier times to facilitate this process.

The ISSO has prepared a Study Permit Application Guide to assist international students applying from outside of Canada. Students are welcome to contact the Immigration Advising Team with questions or for assistance.